Les' Wash Recipes

I hope my efforts in testing inspire others to find cheaper alternatives to save our community money. With the prices of models and other things not easily replaced, the hobby is expensive and we should share what we can.

All I ask is give me credit where credit is due if you decide to spread the word.


You will need:

All recipes use 1 oz bottles. Adjust to whatever size you decide to go with.


  1. Fill 1 filler bottle with Matte Medium, the other with a 10:1 Distilled Water and Flow Aid.
  2. Fill the 1oz Dropper Bottle half way with Matte Medium then fill the rest of the way with the Water/Flow Aid mix leaving a little room for the ink drops so you dont over flow.

    Every bottle uses this combination to start with.
  3. Shake inks well before adding them to the mix.

Tailoring Washes to your liking:

  • DARKEN-LIGHTEN: add or subtract drops from the recipe (duh lol)
  • THICKEN WASH: Change the 1:1 medium and water mix to have more matte medium than water i.e. 60% medium 40% water
  • THIN WASH: Opposite of above, more water than medium in mix.

Experimenting with MIXES and Custom Colors:

This took time and money to get things right in the recipe. The best advice I can give you is "write it down". Have a little notebook just for mixes. Write the medium/water ratios and drops of ink (each color if it's a combo). The number of colors you can come up with are limitless.


My mixes will give you a starting point and you can customize to your liking from there.

Soft Body Black: 20 drops Black
Heavy Body Black: 60 drops Black
Parchment: 40 Drops Flesh Tint
Flesh Wash: 40 Drops Burnt Umber
Dark Sepia: 40 Drops Sepia
Blue: 40 Drops Rowney Blue
Green: 40 Drops Dark Green
Purple: 40 Drops Purple Lake

.5oz Bottle measurements for Les' DIRTY WASHES (1:1 premixed matte medium and h2o-flow aid mix is added after the ink is counted out)

STONE - 60 Raw Sienna : 20 Black
RUBY - 60 Flame Red : 20 Black
ARMOR WASH - 60 Sepia : 20 Black
SAPPHIRE - 60 Rowney Blue : 20 Black
BABY POOP - 60 Flame Orange : 20 Black
ALGAE - 60 Dark Green : 20 Black
SEWER WATER - 60 Burnt Umber : 20 Black
AMETHYST - 60 Purple Lake : 20 Black
CONCRETE - 60 Flesh Tint : 20 Black
STORM CLOUD - 60 Turquoise : 20 Black

You can mix the ink colors to make infinate amounts of custom colors for your own purpose. Never buy washes with limited color choices. You now have the recipe to the most flexible wash production that you can do at home.